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We are a full service architecture firm specializing in distinctive residences throughout the greater Houston area. Gary R. Chandler Architecture & Interiors has also completed projects in the Texas Hill Country, South Texas, East Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Illinois. The firm was opened in 1992 and has completed over 200 projects to date. Our clientele consists of individuals seeking to surround themselves in an environment of inspiration.

"...Gary's design accomplished all I hoped. He  possesses a unique blend of  vision, creativity and practicality. He pays particular attention to all the elements of living (both indoors and outdoors), from layout to lighting to color to how you actually live."
During the time period of 1500- 1800, the Renaissance architects worked with a single focus to perfect scale, proportion, mass, rhythm, composition, and perspective. The way in which these architects worked to express these important ideas was through the Line. Line representations define great architecture. 
For those 300 years architects were constantly writing, revising, and refining their treaties which defined the Classical Order. The definition of classical order are design notions that strive to create perfect harmony. The Renaissance architect believed by creating such works of art he put man in direct contact with God. 
Today, whether designing classical or modern architecture, the successful projects are those that incorporate the Classical Orders of design. A qualified architect is the only professional today that has the knowledge to create such harmony. 
"God is in the details"
Mies Van Der Rohe
(Father of Modern Architecture)